Fresh Weekly Classes are offered in three ways:

  1. On Demand: daily new classes and hundreds of classes through the library
  2. Livestreams: accessed right on the platform at the class start time
  3. Zooms: accessed through the extra step of a Zoom link (read on!)

We’ve maintained a few classes on Zoom to keep a sense of the amplified energy of people practicing in real time together with the guidance of a teacher. Some teachers practice along with you while others observe carefully and give cues verbally based on who is practicing (like a real studio class!).

Once you are logged in as a member or have purchased the single Zoom class you can access the “resources” tab directly below the class start countdown. See “resources” circled below in yellow.

When you click on the “resource” tab there is a pdf you can open that contains the zoom link and password for the class. Simply click on that link and it will take you to the class on zoom. We will not be sharing replays of Zoom classes on this platform since they feature students in the class and the purpose is to practice live together. But there are hundreds of other class options available to you right now.

Having trouble?Reach out to us at

how to access