These are hard times. If you are seeking wellness through avoidance, imitation, or spiritual bypassing, your respite will always be temporary. Brooklyn Flow offers online yoga in the spirit of our landmark Bend & Bloom in Brooklyn: engaged practice by seasoned teachers that strengthen your mind and body to thrive in this world, not to run from it.

  • encourages contemplative practice to help you transform dysregulation, disconnection, and discomfort into balance and fluid ease.
  • honors your unique body and evolving life through Responsive Alignment practices.
  • encourages a practice rooted in curiosity. Our teachers’ weave wisdom from yoga traditions, movement science, contemplative arts, and somatic experience for diverse classes.
  • builds community and connection even when we can’t be physically together

You will not find us striking the perfect yoga pose, pushing branded clothes, or posting flawless selfies. We strive to honor the traditions of yoga without appropriating culture and are committed to a process of self reflection on how we impact our world. Finally, we acknowledge the tough stuff, offer simple tools to work through it and help you find joy through mindful movement.

We welcome your feedback or questions. You can reach us at